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Road Bikes | L'Eroica

Regular price €50.00

Occasionally a specific bike is unavailable because it is already being rented or it is undergoing regular maintenance.  Please email Pietro with the bike rental preference and date(s), as well as any other questions or considerations you may have.


All bikes are available for the L'Eroica Weekend three (3) day package for €130

Sizes & Options:

59 Bianchi  

58.5 Colnago 

58.5 Colnago 

57 Legnano 

56 Gino Super 

56 Gino 1978 

56 Bianchi 

55 Boschetti 

55 Legnano 

54 Piesse 

54 Eddy Merckx 

54 Colnago Bi-titan

52 Guarini 

52 Rossin 

50 Bianchi

48 Biemmezeta

Let Pietro or another of the LCC team fit you to a bike suited to your measurements, budget and ability. Just email us with your particulars and preferences, here.

Custom Payments
Flexible payment schedules may be created.  Please speak with Pietro before visiting either Deposits or Final Payments.