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Road Bikes | with RIM BRAKES

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Occasionally a specific bike is unavailable because it is already being rented or it is undergoing regular maintenance.  Please email Pietro with the bike rental preference and date(s), as well as any other questions or considerations you may have.

Sizes & Options:
Small sizes
48 Pinarello Gan, Shimano 105, compact, 11/29
48 De Rosa Titanio, Campagnolo Record, compact, 11/28

50 Pinarello FP3, Shimano Ultegra, compact, 11/29

52 Colnago EPS, Shimano Dura Ace, compact, 11/29

52 Colnago EPS, Shimano Dura Ace, compact, 11/28

52 Colnago CLX, Shimano Ultegra, compact, 11/29

52 Pinarello FP2, Shimano Ultegra, compact, 11/28

S Cinelli Saetta, Campagnolo Chorus, compact, 11/32

S Cinelli Saetta black, Shimano 105, compact, 11/28

53 Pinarello Dogma, Campagnolo Potenza, compact, 11/32

Medium sizes

54 Colnago Titanio, Campagnolo Potenza, compact, 11/32

54 Colnago EPS, Shimano Dura Ace, compact, 11/29

54 Colnago EPS, Shimano Dura Ace, compact, 11/32

54 Carrera, Campagnolo Veloce, compact, 11/30

54 Cinelli Vigorelli, Sram Force, compact, 11/29

M Cinelli Saetta, Shimano 105, compact, 11/30

55 Colnago nera, Shimano Ultegra, compact, 11/30

L Cinelli Saetta, Shimano 105, compact, 11/32

56 De Rosa Protos, Campagnolo Super Record, compact, 11/30

56 Colnago Primavera, Campagnolo Record, compact, 11/30

56 Cipollini Bond, Campagnolo Super Record, compact, 11/28

56 Pinarello Razha, Shimano 105, compact, 11/29

56 Colnago Extreme Power, Shimano Ultegra, compact, 11/32

56 Colnago C50, Shimano DuraAce, compact 50/34, 11/29

56/58 Colnago ExtremePower, Campagnolo Record, compact, 11/30

Large sizes

57 Bianchi Oltre XR1, Shimano Ultegra, compact, 11/28

58 Bianchi Infinito, Shimano Dura Ace, compact, 11/28

58 Colnago C50 red, Shimano Dura Ace, compact, 11/32

58 Colnago C50 black, Campagnolo Super Record, compact, 11/30

58 De Rosa King Xlight, Campagnolo Super Record 11 v, compact, 11/29

60 Kuota, Shimano 105, compact, 11/32

60 FRW, Shimano 105, compact, 11/32

Add a Second Day for just €35! 

For multiple day pricing, please email Pietro directly

Let Pietro or another of the LCC team fit you to a bike suited to your measurements, budget and ability. Just email us with your particulars and preferences, here.

Custom Payments
Flexible payment schedules may be created.  Please speak with Pietro before visiting either Deposits or Final Payments.



Weather in Como

Como is pretty beautiful year round, but the ideal cycling season here is really from mid March to the end of October.



Malpensa is the closest airport to Como.  You will have to take a bus or a train to central Milan and from there a train to Como OR we can provide transportation for you (and your bike box) with our van.  See our Airport Transfers for more.


Guided Tour vs. Riding on Your Own

Our crew has lived in Como for decades and knows the area intimately.  We aim to give you an incredible escape, the best ride, at the best time of day, in the least amount of traffic and offer you the often missed hidden gems and scenery only riding with a local could provide - and without the hassle of stopping to consult a map, gps, or be otherwise sidetracked by technology.


Guided Tour Sizes

Most often you'll be the only rider, but tour sizes can vary.  We try to limit the group to maximum 6 riders.  Regardless of numbers, there's rarely an unshared, well deserved bottle of wine at the end of a day's ride.


Riding Level | Experience

Don't worry. There are many levels of difficulty and ease.  Flat riding along Lake Como or Lugano's shores can be both brisk as well as almost therapeutic.


Bike Rentals

We have a fleet of about 100+ quality road bikes. You can view our fleet on the website under bike rentals. We strongly recommend an advance reservation since bike hire in Summer is very popular and we are the only ones in the area to rent road bikes.  Feel free to inquire about deliver of your rented bike to your Como hotel (For Bellagio, Varenna and Menaggio).  We'll supply a repair kit and a floor pump for rentals of more than one (1) day.  


Bike Rentals Specifications | Information

Feel free to write Pietro at for further information that what's provided in bike rentals.


What To Bring

Pedals, shoes and your own helmet. We have pedal wrenches and tools to adjust the pedals, seats and just about everything else.


Food | Lunch

We normally stop at a coffee shop for a cappuccino or warm panino along the way - a great way to energize.


Other Lake Como Activities

A visit to Bellagio by battello (boat) is a must. Villa Balbianello in Lenno and Villa Carlotta's botanic garden are also popular sites to explore.



For the solo rider or small group, we've made it easy to plan and purchase in advance, but there's always room for adjustments and personalization beyond the e-com standard.



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More Questions

Just write to Pietro at for any further information you require